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Crosswinds Sawmill

[A Little History] Some of the parts from our mill date back to 1874. In 1973, Carlton Treat restored the metal parts found in a farmer's field in Oxford, Connecticut. The mill had been abandoned for about 40 years, with it's wooden frame rotten out. Carlton took six months to put it back together, adding a Detroit Diesel engine, and hydraulic, electrical and air pressure controls, instead of it being manually run.

We bought the mill from Carlton in 2007. Larry spent many days climbing under and over the mill taking measurements, to be able to dismantle it and put it back together about a mile and a half up the road on our property.

Nowadays the mill is up and operational again and a part of Crosswinds Farm in Oxford, Connecticut. Bring the kids to see some of the farm animals when you drop off your wood or pick up your order. We welcome your visit, calls and questions.

Larry & Luci Dembek
Crosswinds Farm & Sawmill

Crosswinds Sawmill Larry Dembek


December 21, 2008
Sawmill Turns History To Hobby
[Republican-American Article]

A Cut from the Past VIDEO
[Republican-American 2008]

"These two wild forces let loose against nature. It is a hollow, galloping sound; makes tearing work, taming timber, in a rude Ophelean fashion preparing it for dwellings of men and musical instruments perchance. I can imagine the sawyer, with his lanthorn and his bar in hand, standing by, amid the shadows cast by his light. There is a sonorous vibration and ring to it...”

Henry David Thoreau, May 5, 1852

Please call for pricing because all orders are custom cut to specifications. Bringing your own wood is obviously less expensive. We do, however, usually have a large and varied supply of quality woods... Custom Millwork [+]

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