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We generally have a good supply of the following: Ash, Cedar, Hickory, Oak, Pine and Tulip.

We also have a limited supply of: Black Walnut and Cherry. Occasionally, we have other woods available. Call to see what's in stock!

And, of course, we can mill whatever you can supply.

Ready To Mill
Uncut Lumber

Custom Milling/Products and Use: All lumber is rough cut. If you want a 2" x 4," not a 1-1/2" x 3-?" then you need to come to the mill. It is impossible to find a real 2” X 4” because commercial lumber is generally planed to make the boards smoother. At Crosswinds Sawmill you will get the actual size that you want because everything is cut to your specifications. [We are planning to get a planer in the future, not only to make the wood smooth... but for nicer horse bedding, as well.]